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2020 Leader of the Year Award Winner

The Rural Transportation Advocacy Council (RTAC) was selected for a 2020 Leader of the Year Award for Transportation from the Arizona Capitol Times.  The award is recognition for men, women, and organizations that contribute greatly to Arizona’s growth. It is an honor to receive recognition for the work that RTAC performs towards the education and advocacy of Arizona’s transportation needs. 
Read the press release here.


Our Mission

The mission of the Rural Transportation Advocacy Council is to protect and promote rural and small metropolitan transportation interests, as well as creating a stronger and more effective rural transportation advocacy network in Arizona.



The RTAC consists of an Executive Board with representation from an elected official from each member Council of Government (COG) and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in Arizona. 


Service Principles

Members of the RTAC Executive Board recognize that active communication, timely information and partnerships are integral components in achieving RTAC’s mission and goals.  The RTAC will work cooperatively with public agencies and non-governmental organizations to further the transportation agenda of rural Arizona.

Our Management Principles

The challenges and opportunities of the rapid growth in rural Arizona and the demands placed upon its transportation systems require a concerted effort by all governmental entities in Arizona to be cooperative, innovative and globally oriented. To support the efforts of rural Arizona, RTAC shall maintain a permanent organization to keep rural Arizona apprised of legislative, regulatory and policy actions related to rural transportation issues; develop partnerships with other governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations; and advocate for the transportation needs of rural Arizona.